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PRN Report

2023–2024 PRN Officers

The votes are in, and the future leaders of ACCP’s Practice and Research Networks (PRNs) have been elected. Please extend your congratulations to both the newly elected officers and those who will continue to serve their respective PRNs in the coming year.


Adult Medicine

  • Chair: Haley N. Johnson
  • Chair-Elect: Kristina Evans
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Emmeline Tran


Ambulatory Care

  • Chair: Insaf Mohammad
  • Chair-Elect: Kirk E. Evoy
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Jonathan C. Hughes



  • Chair: Stormi Gale
  • Chair-Elect: Ian B. Hollis
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Genevieve Hale


Central Nervous System

  • Chair: Jason Chau
  • Chair-Elect: Roxana Dumitru
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Pamela Brittany Vickery


Clinical Administration

  • Chair: Adriane N. Irwin
  • Chair-Elect: Maura I. Hall
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Zack J. Dumont



  • Chair: Christopher J. Daly
  • Chair-Elect: Joseph P. Fava
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Rebecca M. Lahrman


Critical Care

  • Chair: Susan E. Smith
  • Chair-Elect: Zach R. Smith
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Nicole M. Palm
  • Member: Melissa L. Thompson Bastin
  • Member: Christy C. Forehand


Drug Information

  • Chair: Miki A. Goldwire
  • Chair-Elect: Maha Saad
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Maggie Segovia


Education and Training

  • Chair: Alex N. Isaacs
  • Chair-Elect: Elizabeth M. Bald
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Sarah E. Vordenberg


Emergency Medicine

  • Chair: Heather L. Blue
  • Chair-Elect: Alyssa J.Z. Robertson
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Christina Tran


Endocrine and Metabolism

  • Chair: Elizabeth K. Van Dril
  • Chair-Elect: Megan E. Wesling
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Sumana M. Mukherjee



  • Chair: Les Covington
  • Chair-Elect: Collin M. Clark
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Stephen Argiro



  • Chair: Courtney Wood
  • Chair-Elect: Stephanie Bass
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Sarah Cogle


Global Health

  • Chair: Veena Venugopalan
  • Chair-Elect: Martha Ndung’u
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Kathy E. Monangai


Health Equity

  • Chair: Tam Phan
  • Chair-Elect: Sharmon P. Osae
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Jerika V. Nguyen


Health Outcomes

  • Chair: Omolola A. Adeoye-Olatunde
  • Chair-Elect: Mia E. Lussier
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Andrew Hwang



  • Chair: Farah Raheem
  • Chair-Elect: Nikola Paulic
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Shawn P. Griffin



  • Chair: Marisa Brizzi
  • Chair-Elect: David Cluck
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Kevin N. Astle


Infectious Diseases

  • Chair: Wesley D. Kufel
  • Chair-Elect: Rachel S. Britt
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Pratish C. Patel



  • Chair: Wasim S. El Nekidy
  • Chair-Elect: Jessica L. Wallace


Pain and Palliative Care

  • Chair: Emily Uebbing
  • Chair-Elect: Nicole Genovese
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Lisa Lynn Luciani (Dragic)



  • Chair: Lucas Orth
  • Chair-Elect: Brent A. Hall
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Megan Greene


Perioperative Care

  • Chair: Dustin Carneal
  • Chair-Elect: Rachel C. Wolfe
  • Secretary: Julie Maamari
  • Treasurer: Sally A. Tice


Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Chair: Christopher D. Adams
  • Chair-Elect: Mark S. Shaefer
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Yan Pan



  • Chair: Jacob T. Brown
  • Chair-Elect: Amy Pasternak
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Natasha Petry



  • Chair: Paul M. Boylan
  • Chair-Elect: Megan Fleischman
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Jeffrey Gonzales



  • Chair: Elizabeth Cohen
  • Chair-Elect: Nicole R. Alvey
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Marissa M. Brokhof
  • Member: Rickey Evans
  • Member: Anne Thorndyke
  • Trainee: Eve Carciofi


Women’s Health

  • Chair: Sarah A. Kain
  • Chair-Elect: Regina C. Arellano
  • Past Chair: Jaini Patel
  • Public Policy Liaison: Lalita Prasad-Reddy