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PGT Update

Residents, Fellows, and Graduate Students

The resident, fellow, and graduate student monthly electronic newsletter highlights membership benefits, important dates, residency programs, individual PRNs, and answers to postgraduate trainee questions. You can preview the newsletter at

Postgraduate trainees continue to increase their presence on social media through #ACCPpostgrads.

The ACCP Mentoring Program allows all postgraduate trainee members of ACCP to search for and select a mentor from the database of ACCP volunteer members. Once trainees have selected a mentor, they are encouraged to correspond with their mentor at least monthly throughout their training year. ACCP supports mentors and mentees with monthly e-mails of potential topics for discussion. Opportunities and resources offered by ACCP are also included in the monthly correspondence. Fifty-one mentor-mentee matches were made through the 2016–2017 program. The 2017–2018 program is currently open to residents and fellows seeking a mentor.

ACCP will continue to meet resident- and fellow-specific needs through educational programming at the 2017 Annual Meeting. In addition, new practitioner positions have been added to the Professional Placement Forum (previously known as the Resident and Fellowship Forum) to allow trainees to get a head start on their job search.

The 2018 Resident Advisory Committee has been appointed. The committee will be chaired by Brandon Martinez and co-chaired by Allison Boyd. Members-at-large serving on the committee include Lillian Bellfi, Shubha Bhat, Ian Hatlee, Maya Holsen, Cora Housley, Mika Jankowski, Jordan Kelley, Brian Kurish, Marina Maes, Taylor Morrisette, Thomas Szymanski, and Paria Sanaty Zadeh.