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ACCP Report

ACCP’s Research Institute Practice-Based Research Network

Registration Now Open

If you are an ACCP member involved in direct patient care or have access to patients for research purposes, we welcome you to join the online Registry and enter your practice information today. The Registry is free to all ACCP members. You can also register as an existing PBRN, if applicable.

Ultimately, those who comprise the Registry will determine which research questions the ACCP PBRN will address; consequently, registration is vital to all interested ACCP members. The ACCP PBRN projects will vary from practice surveys and quasi-experimental designs to randomized, controlled interventional trials that will facilitate collaborative research promoting the safe, efficacious, and cost-effective use and delivery of medications and clinical pharmacy services.

To learn more about the ACCP PBRN, go to Take advantage of this new opportunity to join your colleagues as we shape the future of clinical pharmacy research and practice. Begin your registration today.