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ACCP StuNet Advisory Committee Applications Due June 15

Attention student pharmacists: Would you like to become more involved with the American College of Clinical Pharmacy? ACCP student members who want to develop leadership skills, expand opportunities for student pharmacists within ACCP, and introduce other students to the many facets of clinical pharmacy are encouraged to apply for appointment to the 2009–2010 ACCP National StuNet Advisory Committee.

The National StuNet Advisory Committee is an ACCP committee composed of members appointed each year by the ACCP President. Members generally serve a 1-year term, and the committee is typically composed of 8–12 members. The leadership of the committee is also appointed by the ACCP President.

Leadership positions include the Chair (1-year term), the Vice Chair (2-year term; serves first year as the Vice Chair and then assumes the Chair position during the second year), and the Secretary (1-year term). If you are a student interested in serving on the 2009–2010 ACCP National StuNet Advisory Committee, either as a member-at-large or in a leadership role, please visit for more information about the committee and how to apply. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2009.