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New ACCP Chapter Established in Saudi Arabia

The ACCP Board of Regents recently approved unanimously the application for ACCP’s newest chapter, the Gulf College of Clinical Pharmacy. ACCP’s 17th active chapter serves pharmacists in the countries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, and Iraq. The chapter’s founding president is Mr. Hamad M. Al-Dhewalia, its president elect is Mr. Saud A. Al-Abdulmohsin, and its secretary is Dr. Jean Dib, all from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

In discussing the need for this chapter and its goals, Dr. Dib commented, The idea of establishing an ACCP chapter in the region came after recognizing the need for such an organization to expand the practice of clinical pharmacy. The chapter will provide pharmacists with leadership, education, advocacy, and resources enabling them to achieve excellence in pharmacy practice. The idea was shared and supported by a large number of clinical pharmacists who revealed their excitement and willingness to join this chapter to serve the profession in the region. The Gulf College of Clinical Pharmacy was formed as an active chapter of the ACCP and, as such, also supports the mission and goals of our parent organization. This is the second ACCP chapter established outside the United States that serves the Gulf area. One of our chapter’s goals is to advance human health and quality of life by helping pharmacy practitioners and educators to expand, support, and enhance direct patient care practice in the region through support and promotion of research, training, and educational programs; and disseminating scientific and professional information and knowledge about advances in pharmacotherapy. Currently, the chapter consists of approximately 40 members and is growing. Several activities have been planned for this year such as educational seminars, networking meetings, and other local pharmacy-related events.

For more information about the Gulf chapter or to become a member, contact Jean Dib at [email protected].