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2024 ACCP Clinical Research Challenge Round 3: Research Proposal Submission Underway

ACCP is pleased to announce that competition is underway in the 2024 Clinical Research Challenge (CRC). Research and scholarship contributes to improved health outcomes for patients and advances in the profession of clinical pharmacy. Critically evaluating and applying the primary literature is an essential skill for students pursuing a career in clinical pharmacy.

This innovative and unique competition offers teams of three students (those in the first 2 professional years of their degree program) the opportunity to compete in and advance through three rounds of competition.

The 2024 competition began February 12 with 82 teams participating in Round 1: Online Journal Club. Teams achieving the top 40 scores advanced to Round 2: Letter of Intent (LOI) Submission. These teams were given a clinically focused research question with 2½ weeks to develop and submit a letter of intent following the criteria outlined here. The LOI submissions were evaluated by the CRC Review and Oversight Panels. Teams achieving the top 20 scores then advanced to round 3 and will submit a full research proposal based on their LOI submission and incorporating the feedback gained from the reviewers. Team proposal submissions are due April 19, 2024, and will then be evaluated by the CRC Review and Oversight Panels. Winners will be announced by June 12. To view a list of teams participating in each round of the competition, please click here.

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