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Peer Review Training and Recognition

Peer review is a necessary component in the publication of high-quality manuscripts. The American College of Clinical Pharmacy uses a single-blind peer review for all manuscripts published in its two official journals, Pharmacotherapy and Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (JACCP). The editors rely on the expertise and efficiency of the editorial board and peer review volunteers. The editorial staff would like to thank all of the outstanding reviewers who contributed their time and expertise in 2022 by providing peer review for JACCP and Pharmacotherapy.

The ability to provide valuable manuscript peer reviews requires initial training and ongoing practice. Developing a habit of continuous peer review will improve the quality of the peer reviewer’s own writing even as the reviewer gives back to the scholarship community. In addition, individuals who provide excellent manuscript peer reviews are often considered for awards, editorial board positions, and invitations to submit manuscripts.

ACCP has initiated a peer review training program designed to assess participants’ current peer reviewing skills and, through training and mentoring, elevate these skills to the level of providing reliably superior manuscript peer reviews. Participants who complete all five modules will be designated “Certified Peer Reviewers” in the JACCP peer review database and receive a certificate of completion. Learn more about the program at

If you already serve as a peer reviewer, be sure to keep your contact information and areas of expertise up to date in your ScholarOne profile. If you need assistance accessing your profile or would like to become a peer reviewer for an ACCP journal, please contact Keri Sims at