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ACCP Report - December 2018

Help ACCP-PAC Reach $10,000 in Contributions for 2018!

So far, fundraising efforts on behalf of ACCP-PAC have yielded $8695 to support ACCP’s advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. With just a few weeks to go until the end of the year, there’s still time to contribute and help the PAC reach a symbolic goal of $10,000 for 2018!

The political reality is that a legislative initiative cannot move forward purely on the strength of its own merits – grassroots advocacy and financial contributions are key to demonstrating support for ACCP’s Medicare Initiative from elected officials’ own districts and states. A well-funded political action committee (PAC) will give ACCP the resources it needs to support its friends on Capitol Hill. ACCP-PAC is the only political action committee dedicated to electing members of Congress who are committed to advancing the College’s Medicare Initiative.

Contributions from ACCP-PAC to members of Congress will raise the College’s profile on Capitol Hill, improve its standing among key lawmakers, and provide unique opportunities to discuss ACCP’s Medicare Initiative with potential congressional champions. ACCP-PAC contributions can also help ensure that elected officials who support ACCP’s Medicare Initiative remain in office to advance the proposal’s goals in the future.

All ACCP members are asked to consider donating at least $25 to ACCP-PAC. CLICK HERE to support your PAC today!