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Student-Assisted Teaching: A Guide to Faculty-Student Teamwork

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For faculty, faculty developers, and administrators wanting to make learning more student-centered, more effective, and more productive, here is an innovative handbook that provides a range of models for student-assisted partnerships.

Each of the 31 models is supported by practical details and each focuses on four main aspects of a specific peer-assisted learning environment: implementation, evidence of effectiveness and learning benefits, analysis of time and cost expenditures, and suggestions for replication.

Extensive appendices aid implementation by providing concrete examples of evaluation methods, training syllabi, teaching materials, and hiring documents.

Editor(s): Judith E. Miller, Ph.D.; James E. Groccia, Ph.D.; and Marilyn S. Miller, M.Ed.
ISBN: 978-1-882982-42-4
Publication Year: 2001
Format: Softcover
256 pages