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The Judicious Professor: A Learner-Centered Philosophy for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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The Judicious Professor provides an examination and analysis of teaching at the college and university level, with a focus on the sharing of responsibility for teaching and learning between the professor and students. Through theory and practical examples, the nature of the judicious professor is discussed and demonstrated.

Using the metaphor of the professor as the "keeper of the gate of knowledge," the professor is characterized as the conscience of academic responsibility to the discipline as well as to greater society. This book explores the importance of students' perception: When students perceive the professor as a person who is sharing responsibility for the students' academic achievement, the rate of student success will increase as will the distribution of the knowledge-base throughout society.

Author(s): Paul Gathercoal, Ph.D.; Forrest Gathercoal, J.D.
ISBN: 1-880192-53-5
Publication Year: 2007
Format: Softcover
228 pages