Education is the cornerstone of ACCP, so there are a lot of opportunities for our members to advance their knowledge in pharmacy. Listed below are the multitude of educational programs that we have available.

Self-Assessment Programs

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) offers two self-assessment programs: Ambulatory Care Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy. ACCP’s self-assessment programs are a series of either e-books or print books designed to provide pharmacists with new, previously unpublished content.

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Preparatory Review Courses

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) offers preparatory review courses for five of the specialties: Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Critical Care Pharmacy, Pediatric Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy, and Pharmacotherapy. Offered as a live programs each year, ACCP’s Preparatory Review Courses are designed to help you prepare for the BPS Board Certification Exam. The materials are also available for home study in a combination of DVD-ROM, PDF, and online formats. Three of the five ACCP preparatory review courses (Ambulatory Care, Oncology, and Pharmacotherapy) are available for BPS recertification credit.

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Clinical Reasoning Series

The clinical reasoning series offers cutting-edge, contemporary therapeutic topics in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy and is available for BPS recertification credit. The clinical reasoning series is available both live (held in conjunction with the ACCP Annual Meeting) and as a web-based program for home study each year.

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ACCP Webinars are designed for health professionals involved with clinical pharmacy—students, residents, fellows, and experienced practitioners and educators. Participants can enjoy live educational programming from the comfort of their home. These webinars are designed to offer a flexible and interactive approach to online continuing pharmacy education. For more information, visit the webinar area.


ACCP's Academy offers a flexible, curricular approach to enhancing ACCP members' abilities in their major areas of responsibility. The Academy provides four unique professional development programs leading to certificates of completion. For more information, visit the Academy area.

Board Certification

Interested in obtaining BPS Board Certification? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, review the BPS Candidates Guide and get contact information for the Board of Pharmacy Specialties in the Board Certification section.

CPE Center

Several ACCP publications are available as online products and many offer continuing education credit. To access online products or submit a post-test for CPE, please visit the CPE Center.