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ACCP Joins with Broad Coalition of Pharmacy Organizations to Condemn Racism and Discrimination

June 05, 2020

ACCP joined other professional pharmacy organizations today in issuing a statement speaking out against racial injustice. Reflecting on recent events that have ignited highly charged emotions and underscored the importance of pharmacy’s oath to uphold the welfare of humanity and help relieve suffering, the statement pledges that the profession of pharmacy will advocate against racism, discrimination, and injustice, noting that “we stand in solidarity with those whose lives are compromised every day by racial discrimination and intolerance.” The statement further decries the extent to which these factors impact health equity and calls for actions that promote healing:

“People of color and other marginalized groups experience a continuum of systemic racism, discrimination, and injustices that result in ongoing health inequities created by numerous factors impacting social determinants of health.”

“The time is now to engage in intentional dialogue and action. All forms of racism, discrimination, and injustice are unacceptable. We must all listen, learn, and collectively address this crisis directly. We encourage self and team accountability for upholding actions and social justice to bring forth peace and healing in our communities.”

Joining other organizations in signing this communication on behalf of the pharmacy profession serves as a complement to ACCP’s earlier statement, issued June 1 on social media and posted to the ACCP website,

“ACCP celebrates the diversity of our members and staff. We stand together in our commitment to a culture of equality and inclusion. Racism and intolerance of any kind are antithetical to ACCP’s core values and have no place in health care or society.”


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