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PRN Report

New Books from ACCP

Two new books from ACCP provide comprehensive overviews of pharmacy education and the publication of research.

Essentials of Pharmacy Teaching and Learning

Essentials of Pharmacy Teaching and Learning was written from the pharmacy educator’s viewpoint to benefit pharmacy residents completing a teaching and learning curriculum program, professionals new to academia, and anyone wanting to learn more about pharmacy education. It is also a valuable resource for students and residents completing an academic rotation.

Editors Michael C. Thomas, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS, and Peter J. Hughes, Pharm.D., M.S.Ed., BCPS, carefully selected leaders in pharmacy and health sciences education to write chapters applicable to their areas of expertise.

Most chapters include supplemental resources, available online, which provide practical application of concepts explored in the book. These additional articles, examples, worksheets, and videos are available to all purchasers of the print and eBook versions.

“The goal of this book is to be a well-used and trusted guide to serve pharmacy educators throughout their whole profession,” said Thomas. “We believe that this book provides a great foundation to serve as a starting point for learning and exploring more about pharmacy education.”

A strength of the book is the carefully selected group of authors who contributed to it. “Readers will gain firsthand insight into how leaders in the field of pharmacy and health sciences education approach the concepts discussed in the book,” said Hughes, adding:

This book is intended to serve as an approachable text that will explore concepts that many seasoned academics take for granted. Chapter authors were instructed to write from this perspective and provide pearls and insights, where appropriate.


A second new resource from the American College of Clinical Pharmacy is designed to help early-career researchers increase their chances of getting published.

Essentials of Pharmacy Teaching and Learning

Publishing Biomedical Research and Reviews: Guidelines and Advice for Authors guides authors through the entire publication process, including preparing a scientific manuscript, submitting it for publication, and following up with promotional activities after publication.

Author C. Lindsay DeVane, Pharm.D., FCCP, FACNP, editor-in-chief of the ACCP journal Pharmacotherapy, explains what happens after scientific data are summarized in a manuscript and submitted to an editor. As an author with more than 14,000 citations and an editor-in-chief of a prestigious journal, DeVane understands what it takes to get published.

“The goal with this book is to demystify the publication process,” he said, adding:

Various decisions in preparing a submission are discussed, including choosing the journal, making presubmission inquiries, selecting the title, authorship, and potential pitfalls to avoid. The more insight someone has into scientific publishing, the better prepared they should be to submit manuscripts that successfully gain the approval of reviewers and editors.


Newly trained clinicians, translational researchers, and research scientists will all benefit from this comprehensive book. Because the same principles apply throughout many biomedical disciplines, this book will appeal to pharmacy, medical, nursing, and allied health professionals.

“Novice authors, as well as experienced scholars, should benefit from the book’s content with improved confidence in understanding how to publish their scholarly work,” said DeVane.


To order, visit ACCP’s online bookstore.