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Publishing Open Access for Free in ACCP’s Official Journals

The official journals of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) – Pharmacotherapy and the Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (JACCP) are hybrid. Hybrid journals allow authors to select how they want to publish their manuscripts. For example, authors can select a traditional subscription license, meaning their article will sit behind a paywall that is accessed through a personal or institutional subscription or through ACCP membership. Alternatively, authors can publish open access (OA). In this model, authors pay an article publication charge (APC), and their article is made available under a Creative Commons license to ensure the widest-possible dissemination. Articles published OA can be read, downloaded, printed, shared, distributed, and reused for free. Although APCs vary among journals, all constitute a significant investment: $3660 USD for Pharmacotherapy and $3140 USD for JACCP.

Most authors support making their work accessible, but many lack the funds for OA publication. Wiley, the publisher of ACCP’s journals, has established agreements with many institutions, allowing them to help authors with APCs by funding a Wiley Open Access Account. All authors submitting to an official journal of ACCP should check for eligibility and available funds at

Publishing OA does not guarantee a higher rate of citations and downloads, but evidence points toward a citation advantage.1 Furthermore, in a study of article performance across four publishing models – subscription articles, fully OA articles, hybrid OA articles, and embargoed articles – Wiley found that, on average, OA articles published across Wiley received 3 times as many downloads and twice as many citations as subscription articles.2 Partnering with Wiley is one of the many ways that ACCP and Pharmacotherapy Publications, Inc. are demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the dissemination of pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacy scholarship worldwide.


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