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ACCP Report - December 2017

Submit SAP Tests in December for 2017 Credits

The test submission deadline for the current releases in ACCP's four Self-Assessment Programs (SAPs) is January 16, 2018. However, board-certified pharmacotherapists can receive earned recertification credits for 2017 simply by submitting a SAP test before midnight (CST) on December 31.

Recertification credits from SAP posttests are registered with the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) as being earned on the date of test submission. Posttests successfully submitted now through December 31 will earn 2017 credits; posttests successfully submitted January 1-16 will earn 2018 credits.

Content and available recertification credit hours for the current releases in the Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment Program (ACSAP), Critical Care Self-Assessment Program (CCSAP), Pediatric Self-Assessment Program (PedSAP), and Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program (PSAP) are as follows:

Nutritional/GI Care, the current ACSAP release, presents evidence-based updates on managing a variety of nutritional and gastroenterologic disorders, covering treatment guidelines from a variety of organizations and publications. Three chapters on pharmacy practice also provide information on billing and reimbursement, specialty pharmacy, and drug information. The book has a total available 15.5 Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist recertification credits.

Neurocritical Care/Technology in the ICU is the latest CCSAP release. The book combines two complex ICU topics into a cohesive resource, providing essential information for the pharmacist caring for the neurologically injured, critically ill patient. The book has a total of 10.5 available Board Certified Critical Care Pharmacist recertification credits.

Sedation and Analgesia, the current PedSAP release, focuses on evidence-based updates on managing pain and sedation in pediatric patients being cared for in the acute and ambulatory care settings. The book has a total of 11.5 Board Certified Pediatric Pharmacy Specialist recertification credits.

Pediatrics/Geriatrics, the current PSAP release, presents evidence-based management strategies for disease states affecting the pediatric population as well as chapters on managing conditions and public health concerns common in older adult patients. The book carries a total available 18.5 Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist recertification credits.

Each SAP release includes the online format (interactive PDFs you can save to a computer or print) as well as the e-media format (for viewing on tablet, smartphone, or e-reader). All PSAP releases also include the popular PSAP Audio Companion. For an additional cost, a print book is available.

For more information or to place your online order for a SAP book, visit the ACCP Online Bookstore.