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ACCP Fellowship Spotlight: L.S. Skaggs Institute for Health Innovation

This 2-year training program is a postgraduate pharmacy fellowship within the L.S. Skaggs Institute for Health Innovation (SIHI) at the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy. Located in Missoula, Montana, SIHI serves as a statewide hub for health education, research, and outreach to improve equitable health care access in the state. This fellowship program provides an opportunity to gain experience in clinical settings, health professions education, and health-related research. Fellows will be presented with a variety of rotation options in their first year, with an expectation to increase their focus on a particular project or area in their second year. This broad exposure to programs within SIHI will be paired with the opportunity to tailor the fellowship experience to individual goals and interests to provide a robust training experience for individuals on many different career paths.


Training opportunities include:

  • Clinical experiences in direct patient care and clinical pharmacy program development in the following areas:
    • Medication therapy management
    • Chronic disease management (e.g., diabetes, asthma)
    • Telehealth and remote patient monitoring
    • Mobile clinic outreach and rural health screenings
    • Pharmacogenomics consultations
    • Interprofessional clinical experiences (e.g., physical therapy, medical residents)


  • Research experiences, including project development and grant writing, with a focus in the following areas:
    • Data science
    • Population health
    • Health outcomes
    • Precision medicine (i.e., pharmacogenomics)
    • Climate-resilient and sustainable health systems
    • Community-based participatory research methods


  • Education and teaching experiences within the University of Montana College of Health, including:
    • Opportunities to lecture or facilitate laboratory/discussion groups
    • Formal and informal mentorship of pharmacy students
    • Interprofessional education in experiential and didactic settings
    • Development and implementation of clinical simulations, virtual reality, and other technology-enabled learning activities
    • Teaching certificate (optional)


Additional opportunities to pursue certificates in bioinformatics, pharmacogenomics, diabetes management, and more will be available for fellows. Fellows will be eligible for fully funded graduate degree opportunities at the University of Montana, including master’s degrees in public health, business administration, and public administration and an M.S. degree in pharmaceutical science and drug design.

We are recruiting one or two fellows for this 2-year program to begin in July 2024. Interested applicants should send a CV and LOI by the priority application deadline January 31, 2024, to [email protected]. More information about our fellowship program and SIHI can be found at


For questions about applications, please email:

Caroline McLean, SIHI Project and Fiscal Coordinator – [email protected]


For questions about day-to-day activities and program information, email:

Hayley Blackburn, Pharm.D., Fellowship Director – [email protected]


Shayna Killam, Pharm.D., M.S., current SIHI Fellow – [email protected]


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