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Board Certification and Recertification

The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) currently recognizes 12 specialty practice areas. The American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) offers preparatory review courses and professional development programs approved by BPS for recertification for eight specialties.

Please see the table below for the professional development programs that ACCP offers.

Specialty BPS Recognized ACCP Preparatory Review Courses Recertification Professional Development Programs
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Yes Yes Yes
Cardiolgy Pharmacy Yes Yesa Yesa
Compounded Sterile Preparations Pharmacy Yes (as of Fall 2019) No No
Critical Care Pharmacy Yes Yes Yes
Geriatric Pharmacy Yes Yesa Yesa
Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Yes Yesa Yesa
Nuclear Pharmacy Yes No No
Nutrition Support Pharmacy Yes No No
Oncology Pharmacy Yes Yesa Yesa
Pediatric Pharmacy Yes Yes Yes
Pharmacotherapy Yes Yes Yes
Psychiatric Pharmacy Yes No No
a In collaboration with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

ACCP Works to Expand Pharmacy Specialty Recognition
ACCP has established a web page to help members learn more about the specialist recognition process and to track the College’s progress toward achieving recognition of new clinical pharmacy specialties.

ACCP Preparatory Review Resources

ACCP Preparatory Review Courses

ACCP Preparatory Review Webinars

ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam

Launched in 2012, the ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam is a 175-item question bank based on the domains, tasks, and knowledge statements outlined in the BPS content outline. Developed and reviewed by board-certified clinical pharmacists, the ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam provides a personalized analysis on the performance of the participant. This analysis includes the amount of time spent on each question and the types of questions most commonly missed or skipped by the participant. An answer key containing explained answers and references is also provided for further study. This tool is ideal for anyone studying for the Pharmacotherapy board exam, especially those who want to learn more about their potential strengths and weaknesses in preparing for the exam. To purchase the most current ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam, visit the ACCP Bookstore.

ACCP Recertification Resources

ACCP Recertification Professional Development Programs

ACCP Recertification Planning Tool

The ACCP Recertification Dashboard assists the BCACP, BCCCP, BCCP, BCGP, BCIDP, BCOP, BCPPS, or BCPS by compiling earned recertification credits; tracking new credits as they are earned; and scheduling new opportunities for credits from upcoming ACCP professional development programs. Types of credit and their sources are identified by a color-coded bar graph for easy identification of recertification credit status.

BPS Resources

BPS guides provide information on certification examinations and recertification requirements for each of the recognized specialties. For additional information, visit the BPS Web site at

BPS Contact Information
Board of Pharmacy Specialties
2215 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20037
Telephone: (202) 946-5026
Fax: (202) 429-6304
E-mail: mailto:[email protected]

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