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The 2022 ACCP Global Conference Recruitment Events provide program representatives with an opportunity to meet with some of clinical pharmacy’s most promising candidates. Take advantage of this early, streamlined, affordable event to get a head start on your 2023–2024 recruitment! New in 2022 – your registration includes two components for one low registration fee:

  • The Residency, Fellowship, and Graduate Program Poster Showcase on Saturday, October 15 will allow you to promote your position(s) to a large pool of strong candidates
  • Professional Placement Forum meetings on Sunday, October 16 and Monday, October 17 allows you to schedule candidates for sit-down meetings.

How it Works:

  • Position listing
    • Submit position listing details in advance to allow interested candidates to prepare.
  • Residency, Fellowship, and Graduate Program Showcase: (unlimited representatives/registration)
    • Showcase available position(s) during a session on Saturday, October 15 from 11:30 am–1:00 pm PDT. Candidates are intivited to prepare, attend, and ask educated questions.
  • Professional Placement Forum Meetings: (up to 2 program representatives/table)
    • During registration, select preferred time slot(s) for sit-down meetings with candidates. Primary options include Session I - Sunday, October 16 from 8:30 am–11am PDT or Session II - Monday, October 17 from 8:30 am–11am PDT. Additional time can be purchased on Monday afternoon if desired.
    • Your registration secures one table with 4 chairs during your selected time slot(s).
    • During the week of October 3, you will receive an individualized link and QR code to your schedule. At this time, you can adjust the appointment length if desired (default will be 15 minutes).
    • Invite candidates of interest to a meeting. Provide the link and/or QR code to candidates during the poster showcase on Saturday, October 15 (recommended) or in advance of the global conference, if desired.

How It Works Video

Space Is Limited: Secure Your Spot Today!

Step 1: Register for the global conference - Onsite hiring representatives must be registered for the Annual Meeting. As part of your global conference registration, you will have the opportunity to add on registration for the Showcase and Professional Placement Forum.

Step 2 : Secure your spot.. During the registration process you will be asked to:

  1. Select your preferred time slot(s) for sit-down meetings.
  2. Submit the non-refundable fee to secure your spot.
  3. Registration is open through October 1 or until all tables are filled.

Step 3: Complete your position listing. Provide details of your available position(s) and identify additional onsite representative(s). Please note, due to space constraints, there is a limit of two hiring representatives per PPF table registration.

Add a Position Listing Video

Step 4: Search candidates (optional). After you have reserved your spot and posted your position(s), you will have the option of searching the online password-protected database for candidates who have submitted a profile. This step is optional but may help you to identify highly qualified candidates in advance of the meeting.

Search Candidate Profiles Video

Steps 5 and 6:

Participate in the Residency, Fellowship, and Graduate Program Showcase. Your registration includes a standard poster board (4ft high x 8ft wide) and you may choose (optionally) to develop and bring a poster describing your institution and available position(s). Bring other program representatives along to talk with candidates during the poster showcase on Saturday, October 15 from 11:30 am–1:00 pm PDT.

Invite candidates to meet. During the week of October 3, you will receive an individualized link to your PPF meeting schedule. You may choose to selectively distribute this link/QR code to candidates during the residency, fellowship, and graduate program poster showcase on Saturday, October 15 Alternately, you may choose to identify and contact candidates in advance with an invitation to a sit-down meeting during your selected time slot(s).

Step 7: Meet with candidates. During your PPF meeting slot(s), meet with candidates that you have invited. Meetings are by appointment only and are available only to candidates that have been provided with your unique scheduling link/QR code. Sit down with highly qualified and motivated candidates. Learn more about their goals, qualifications, and experience. Share additional details about your institution and positions. Make lasting connections that lead to your next hire.

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