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ACCP Launches New Advocacy Platform

ACCP has launched its new advocacy platform, summarizing the College’s advocacy and legislative priorities. The platform not only guides ACCP’s approaches to legislative and professional advocacy, but also details the strategies used to advance these priorities.

ACCP's Advocacy Priorities

ACCP’s Advocacy Priorities

  • Improve patient health outcomes and enhance patient engagement in coordinated, collaborative team-based care
  • Increase access to sustainable comprehensive clinical pharmacy services through payment and policy reform
  • Address health workforce challenges by maximizing team efficiency and effectiveness and by promoting diversity and inclusion within the profession
  • Advance health equity by expanding coordinated care models with integrated clinical pharmacy services

ACCP’s Legislative Opportunities

  • Establish coverage for services provided by clinical pharmacists to achieve medication optimization
  • Increase access to comprehensive clinical pharmacy services for managing mental health and addiction
  • Address patient access to affordable drug regimens by getting the medications right
  • Establish Medicare coverage for pharmacogenomic consultations by clinical pharmacists

The advocacy summary also includes various resources developed through ACCP’s advocacy initiatives in policy and payment reform and interprofessional engagement. It captures the work products of the College’s collaborations with diverse stakeholder groups, such as the Primary Care Collaborative, the Get the Medications Right Institute, and the Alliance for Addiction Payment Reform. ACCP members may find this summary of advocacy resources useful in their own advocacy efforts within their institutions or with policymakers and influencers.

Click here to access the new ACCP advocacy platform.