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New Book from ACCP: Publishing Biomedical Research and Reviews

 <i>Publishing Biomedical Research and Reviews</i>
Publishing Biomedical Research and Reviews

A new book from ACCP guides authors through the entire publication process, including preparing a scientific manuscript, submitting it for publication, and following up with promotional activities after publication.

Publishing Biomedical Research and Reviews: Guidelines and Advice for Authors was written by C. Lindsay DeVane, Pharm.D., FCCP, FACNP, editor-in-chief of the ACCP journal Pharmacotherapy. As the editor-in-chief of a prestigious journal and an author with more than 14,000 citations, DeVane understands what it takes to get published.

The goal with this book is to demystify the publication process. Various decisions in preparing a submission are discussed, including choosing the journal, making presubmission inquiries, selecting the title, authorship, and potential pitfalls to avoid. The more insight someone has into scientific publishing, the better prepared they should be to submit manuscripts that successfully gain the approval of reviewers and editors.

Newly trained clinicians, translational researchers, and research scientists will all benefit from this comprehensive book. Because the same principles apply throughout many biomedical disciplines, this book will appeal to pharmacy, medical, nursing, and allied health professionals.

The book consists of 28 chapters in four major sections:

Section I: The World’s Scientific Literature

  • Research Programs and Scholarly Publications
  • Biomedical Literature
  • Judging the Value of Publications

Section II: Preparing a Manuscript for Submission

  • Choosing the Journal and Making Presubmission Inquiries
  • Selecting the Title
  • Authorship
  • Research Reports
  • Reviews of the Literature
  • Book Chapters
  • Secondary Publications
  • Copyright, Open Access, and Preprints
  • Ethics and Transparency in Reporting
  • Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism
  • Duplicate Publishing and the Least Publishable Unit
  • Proper Referencing
  • Tables and Figures
  • Cover Letter
  • Effective and Efficient Writing

Section III: Postsubmission Correspondence

  • Understanding the Peer-Review Process
  • Contesting an Editorial Decision
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Choosing an Alternative Journal

Section IV: Postacceptance and Publication

  • Copy and Developmental Editing
  • Promotion Through Social Media
  • Corrections, Retractions, and Responses to Criticism
  • Dealing with the Press
  • The Balanced Bibliography
  • General Manuscript Checklist

The book is available in print and as an eBook. To order, visit ACCP’s online bookstore.