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Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership, Second Edition

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Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership uses a deeply personal narrative to describe three basic shifts of mind necessary to discover and create an unfolding future.

Everyone has had those perfect moments when events that could never be predicted, let alone controlled, remarkably seem to guide us along our path. Carl Jung called this phenomenon “synchronicity” – “a collaboration between persons and events that seems to enlist the cooperation of fate.” In this book, Joseph Jaworski argues that understanding the interconnectedness of all things and pursing a deep commitment within that understanding will enable you to consciously take advantage of synchronicity, creating the conditions for “predictable miracles.”

Jaworski shares the story of his own escape from an inauthentic life and his journey to a deeper understanding of leadership. Leadership, he discovered, has more to do with our being – our total orientation of character and consciousness – than with what we do.

The second edition contains two new chapters: one featuring excerpts from letters the author has received testifying to the impact of the book’s message, and one describing the latest steps in the author’s journey which led to the discovery of four principles that, when embraced, lead to the source of wisdom and creativity.

Author(s): Joseph Jaworski
ISBN: 978-1-60994-017-1
Publication Year: 2011
Format: Softcover
256 pages