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ACCP Flip Cards: Pharmacotherapy

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Now Available in Two Separate Formats!

ACCP Flip Cards: Pharmacotherapy (Print)

Studying for the Pharmacotherapy Specialty Certification Examination just got a little easier with ACCP Flip Cards: Pharmacotherapy. Designed especially for review on the go, 300 patient-centered, disease-specific vignettes and clinical scenarios are presented on durable flip cards conveniently arranged, tabbed, and color coded by examination domain. And because the flip cards are spiral bound, they’ll always be organized and slip neatly into any bag, backpack, or desk.

ACCP Flip Cards: Pharmacotherapy provides a fast and simple approach for pharmacy professionals preparing for the Pharmacotherapy Specialty Certification Examination, as well as for Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialists seeking recertification by re-examination. It’s also an ideal resource for those looking for a self-paced review and refresher of disease states and therapeutics.

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ACCP Flip Cards: Pharmacotherapy (Mobile App)

ACCP Flip Cards: Pharmacotheray


For professionals who prefer to go mobile, ACCP Flip Cards: Pharmacotherapy is now available as an app for Android and iOS devices. The app can present the case-based items by examination domain or as a random shuffle for a more challenging review. Notes can be added to enhance study, or items can be marked as Favorites for repeated viewing. In-app statistics provide instant feedback, allowing for a more focused review on selected examination areas.

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Editor(s): ACCP
ISBN: 978-1-939862-05-1
Publication Year: 2014
Format: Flash Cards
300 pages


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