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Pharmacy Education: What Matters in Learning and Teaching

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Pharmacy Education: What Matters in Learning and Teaching is an essential resource for any pharmacy faculty member. More than a narration of the philosophical aspects of teaching and personal perspectives on life as a faculty member, it explores what matters, why it matters, and how to apply the matter to teaching, learning, and assessment in pharmacy education. It covers a variety of teaching settings (e.g., large classroom, small group teaching, clinical site) and guides the reader in developing a deeper understanding of what it means to be a teacher. Scenarios are included in each chapter, offering readers the opportunity to readily apply educational theory to their role as educators and to adapt the book’s content to their specific educational setting. The reader, whether a part-time faculty member, full-time faculty member, or adjunct professor/preceptor, is given the opportunity to personalize the material addressed in the text to his/her stage of development through engagement in reflective workbook exercises.

Pharmacy Education: What Matters in Learning and Teaching is a valuable tool for mid-level senior-level faculty members as well as for new faculty.  This text can also serve as a resource for adjunct faculty members and pharmacy residency directors and preceptors to aid in the development and refinement of clinical educational programs in pharmacy.  This book will be a valuable tool for not only individual pharmacy educators but for schools of pharmacy and pharmacy residency programs in their provision of faculty development and preceptor development programs.

• Addresses both the theory and practice of pharmacy education
• Incorporates a workbook format with guided exercises
• Provides a personalized approach
• Assists the reader in creating a teaching philosophy statement and developing a scholarship of teaching and learning plan
• Aids faculty development programs
• Applicable for all levels of faculty

Table of Contents

Section 1: Evidence Matters
  Chapter 1: What Matters In Plotting Your Journey to Effective Teaching and Learning
  Chapter 2: What Matters In a Student-Centered Approach?
  Chapter 3: What Matters In A Systems Approach to Teaching and Learning
  Chapter 4: What Matters In Assessment?
Section 2: The Learning and Teaching Setting: Site of the Learning and Teaching Experience
  Chapter 5: What Matters in Large Classroom Teaching?
  Chapter 6: What Matters In Applying Technology to Teaching, Learning and Assessment?
  Chapter 7: What Matters In Facilitation of a Small Group or Seminar?
  Chapter 8: What Matters In Laboratory Teaching and Learning?
  Chapter 9: What Matters In Experiential Education?
Section 3: Focus on Students
  Chapter 10: What Matters In Developing Professionals and Professionalism
  Chapter 11: What Matters In Student Advising and Mentoring
Section 4: Focus on Faculty
  Chapter 12: What Matters In Faculty Development
  Chapter 13: What Matters In Faculty and Service
  Chapter 14: What Matters In the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Author(s): Lynne M. Sylvia, Pharm.D.; and Judith T. Barr, ScD, MEd
ISBN: 978-0-7637-7397-7
Publication Year: 2011
Format: Softcover
341 pages