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ACCP Advocacy Initiatives


ACCP has made great progress in Washington, DC, helping elected officials understand how clinical pharmacist can improve patient outcomes and control health care costs by working as integrated members of multi-disciplinary patient-centered teams to “get the medications right.”

But it is important that politicians in Washington and in states and districts across the country hear from constituents who are actually providing these important services to patients. Quite simply, there are no better advocates for issues affecting pharmacists, their services and their patients than the pharmacists themselves.

Pharmacy students are a particularly strong advocacy resource. Students represent the future of the profession and the next generation of pharmacists who to practice within evolving, team-based health care delivery models.

As always, ACCP staff in Washington, DC is available to assist with any of your efforts to communicate with Congress. Contact John McGlew at (202) 621-1820 or [email protected].

Advocacy Issues

ACCP’s number one advocacy goal is advance a comprehensive initiative that will pursue legislative and regulatory changes to the Medicare program and relevant sections of the Social Security Act (42 USC and relevant sections, primarily Section 1861) to recognize the direct patient care services of qualified clinical pharmacists as a covered benefit under the Medicare program.

Frequently Asked Questions about ACCP’s Medicare Initiative

Medicare Initiative Advocacy Packet

Medicare Initiative One Page Summary – A concise summary of the Medicare Initiative providing talking points on why “getting the medications right” is an essential objective for a modernized, cost-effective and quality focused Medicare program.

Medicare Initiative Congressional Issue Brief - A two page overview of the Medicare Initiative outlining the need for a comprehensive medication management benefit under Medicare Part B and providing details of our legislative proposal.

Medicare Initiative Data Document – Aggregated data from 19 distinct medication management service practices that demonstrates the value of comprehensive medication management services and provides evidence to show that including these services under Part B would improve outcomes and lower costs.

For a complete overview visit our Medicare Initiative Homepage.