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ACCP Academy

ACCP Academy

The ACCP Academy offers a flexible, curricular approach to enhancing ACCP member skills and experience through three professional development programs. Relying on interactive instruction, the curricula provide opportunities to apply key principles to everyday professional pursuits. Those who complete respective program curricular and portfolio requirements will receive a certificate of completion and additional recognition as graduates of the ACCP Academy.

Each one-year curriculum will include both required and elective programming delivered during ACCP's spring and fall meetings. The Academy provides three year-long professional development programs:

  • Leadership and Management
    The Leadership and Management Certificate Program was the second program to be offered in the ACCP Academy. Released by ACCP in 2007, this program is designed to enable participants to better lead their personal lives as well as guide and inspire their colleagues and associates in the workplace. The principles and approaches taught by a cadre of experienced leaders enable participants to better achieve respective organizational missions and advance their professional careers.
  • Research and Scholarship
    The Research and Scholarship Certificate Program, established in 2008, is designed to develop foundational clinical research and scholarly abilities, integrating research theory with practical applications while involving participants in scholarly activity across the curriculum.
  • Teaching and Learning
    Established in 2006, the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program was the first program offered by the ACCP Academy. This program is designed to help participants plan, present, and assess learning strategies in both classroom and experiential settings and to assist schools of pharmacy in recruiting and preparing clinical educators who inspire students to advance the pharmacy profession.

Leadership in Learning
The ACCP Academy is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities for its members through a unique array of rigorous and challenging academic experiences. Program participants enjoy the advantages of flexible scheduling and self-direction, as well as the benefits of an interactive environment commensurate with other premier institutions of higher learning. Each certificate program offers these key features:

  • Offers live, interactive workshops presented by nationally-known faculty and preceptors.
  • Provides a systematic/foundational core of educational principles and practices.
  • Incorporates opportunities for self-assessment, peer assessment, and feedback from a mentor.
  • Develops an online formative portfolio that enhances and documents each participant's progress during the program.
  • Provides convenient and cost-efficient delivery of courses by offering them during ACCP's spring and fall meetings and online media.
  • Allows participants to elect additional areas of study tailored to their specific instructional needs.
  • Awards a Certificate of Completion and official ACCP recognition once the participant completes the program requirements.


Additional ACCP Certificate Programs
This interactive, practice-based course is designed to help clinical pharmacists understand how genetic factors influence the efficacy and adverse effects of drug therapy. Participants will learn empirical strategies for applying this knowledge in a clinical setting. The program will begin online October 2, include 10 hours of live programming at the 2019 ACCP Annual meeting, and conclude in late November with reinforcing/advanced online material. Click here for details, rates, and registration.


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