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Teaching and Learning Academy

"The Academy Teaching and Learning Certificate Program has been instrumental in helping me to develop my personal teaching framework. The Basic Training provided a great foundation in outcomes, abilities, assessment and strategies as they relate to teaching. Additionally, the electives have provided more in depth focus on important topics such as motivating students and improving medication safety. As a coordinator, these sessions have helped me to develop and refine my courses to improve student learning. The assignments help me to apply what I have learned to my academic responsibilities, and I value the feedback from my mentor.

I would recommend that any pharmacy practitioner who will be teaching students on a regular basis, either didactically or experientially, take advantage of what the Academy has to offer."

Amy Tiemeier, Pharm.D., BCPS


The Teaching and Learning Academy is an effort to assist in the recruitment, motivation, and preparation of clinical educators who can inspire students to advance the profession of pharmacy. Such an effort is now critical with the adoption of the all-Pharm.D. degree requirement; rapid changes in technology and society; a perhaps short-term window of opportunity to create new roles for pharmacy practitioners; and market forces militating against education as a profession. Innovative leadership is necessary to ensure there are sufficient and well-educated pharmacy educators to motivate and prepare students to perform current and emerging roles that pharmacists have assumed within health-care teams. The Teaching and Learning Academy is unique in that it:

Teaching and Learning Academy Graduates
Graduates of the Teaching and Learning Academy, 2015 ACCP Global Conference
  • Offers live, interactive workshops presented by nationally-known faculty and preceptors.
  • Focuses on clinical education in both the didactic and experiential setting.
  • Provides a systematic/foundational core of educational principles and practices.
  • Incorporates opportunities for self-assessment, peer assessment, and feedback from a mentor.
  • Develops an online formative portfolio that enhances and documents each participant's progress during the program.
  • Provides a convenient and cost-efficient delivery of program courses by offering them during ACCP's spring and fall meetings on a recurring basis.
  • Allows participants to elect additional areas of study tailored to their specific instructional needs.
  • Awards a Certificate of Completion and official ACCP recognition once the participant completes the program requirements.


The Teaching and Learning Certificate Program curriculum includes 16.0 hours of required modules, 4.0 hours of online core programming (Offered as four 1-hour webinars) and 8.0 hours of elective programming. Live webinars are offered between the ACCP Annual Meeting and ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics (November – February).
Elective opportunities allow participants to address specific teaching issues and challenges, and to apply them to their own educational environment. Electives include such topics as interprofessional education, student peer assessment, designing elective courses, exam construction, how to create a portfolio assessment system, how to provide feedback in a clinical setting and how to develop complex cases. The core modules consist of the following:

  • Prerequisite Module: Teaching and Learning Primer (4 hours)
    Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Module No. 1: Planning for Effective Teaching (4 hours)
    Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Module No. 2: Implementing Teaching and Learning Strategies (4 hours)
    Delivered at ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics
  • Module No. 3: Assessing Student Learning (4 hours)
    Delivered at ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics
  • On-Demand Webinars on Core Teaching and Learning Principles (4 hours)
    Delivered online between the ACCP Annual Meeting and ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics (November – February)

A total of 28.0 hours are required to complete the program. For complete information on each module’s learning objectives, pre-assignments, portfolio activities and mentoring requirements, consult the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program syllabus.

Program Completion Deadline
The ACCP Academy requires all enrollees to complete the program within two years of attending the program’s prerequisite module, the Teaching and Learning Primer.

Certificate Requirements

Teaching and Learning Academy participants must complete required reading, 20.0 hours of required modules and 8.0 hours of electives. Participants must complete the prerequisite module, Teaching and Learning Primer, prior to receiving Academy credit for any other required modules. Modules 1-3 must be taken in sequential order, as programming is designed to build upon knowledge gained from the previous module. Electives may be completed and anytime throughout the program.

In addition to completing the 20.0 hours of required modules and 8.0 hours, each participant must assemble a formative portfolio containing teaching philosophy, teaching products, self-assessments, and peer or mentor assessments. Portfolio development will be initiated following completion of the Teaching and Learning Primer. Each of the three remaining modules will help participants further develop future teaching materials for the portfolio.

Participants are required to recruit a mentor, preferably from their own institutions, to provide guidance and feedback for the portfolio. For more information about the certificate requirements, accessing the portfolio and required reading, view the syllabus.

Note: Participants enrolled before June 2013, must complete 18.0 hours of required modules and 10.0 hours of electives.

Enrollment and Program Costs

To apply for the Teaching and Learning Academy, apply online or download the program application form. Fees for the ACCP Teaching and Learning Academy have been established with today's institutional budget in mind. A one-time application fee of $150 (to offset expenses for online portfolio maintenance) will be charged upon enrollment in the Academy. Other costs include registration fees to the ACCP Spring and Fall Annual Meetings and the cost of publications identified as required reading.

Three-Month Grace Period: Required and elective programming completed three months prior to enrollment, will apply towards the certificate.

Questions? Visit the FAQs page or contact Jessie Culley or Kathy Ziller.