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Leadership and Management Academy


Leadership and Management Academy Graduates
Graduates of the Leadership and Management Academy, 2015 ACCP Global Conference

The ACCP Leadership and Management Academy is an educational program aimed at developing leadership and management abilities. The curriculum is designed for those who are currently in leadership or management positions or who aspire to pursue leadership positions in the future. The program will provide official ACCP recognition to leaders and managers who complete the program requirements.

Pharmacy directors, deans, department heads, and program directors are encouraged to integrate the Leadership and Management Academy with their own professional development efforts for management staff, faculty, and others who will benefit from enhanced leadership and management skills.


The Leadership and Management Academy curriculum includes 18.0 hours of core modules and 8.0 hours of elective programming. Elective opportunities provide instruction to meet the leadership or management needs of individual participants. Some electives will focus on a contemporary leadership approach or leadership text, while other electives will address the needs of specific leadership positions (e.g., the clinical manager, the pharmacy department head and/or associate/assistant head, the department chair/vice chair). The core modules consist of the following:

  • Prerequisite Module: Leadership Primer (6 hours)
    Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Module No. 1: Personal Leadership Development (4 hours)
    Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Module No. 2: Interpersonal Leadership Development (4 hours)
    Delivered at ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics
  • Module No. 3: Attributes of a Leader (4 hours)
    Delivered at ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics

A total of 26.0 hours are required to complete the program. For complete information on each module’s learning objectives, pre-assignments, portfolio activities and mentoring requirements, consult the Leadership and Management Academy syllabus.

Program Completion Deadline
The ACCP Academy requires all enrollees to complete the program within two years of attending their first module. Note, there is no prerequisite requirement for this program, i.e. required modules can be taken in any order.

Certificate Requirements

Leadership and Management Academy participants must complete required reading, 18.0 hours of required modules and 8.0 hours of electives.

In addition to completing the 18.0 hours of required modules and 8.0 hours of elective modules, each participant must develop and maintain an online electronic portfolio via the online system developed and maintained by ACCP. The electronic portfolio will serve as the guiding and monitoring tool for professional advancement over the course of the Academy. Portfolio development will be initiated following the completion of the prerequisite module. Completion of the assigned portfolio activities will be required within six months of taking the module and prior to participating in the next module.

One-on-one mentoring is among the most effective strategies to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of a leader. Therefore, each participant will be asked to identify a personal mentor (preferably from his or her institution, if possible) with whom he or she will meet throughout the program. For more information about the certificate requirements, accessing the portfolio and required reading, view the course syllabus.

Note: Participants enrolled before June 2013, must complete 18.0 hours of required modules and 10.0 hours of electives.

Enrollment and Program Costs

To enroll in the ACCP Academy Leadership and Management Academy, apply online or download the application form. Fees for the ACCP Academy Leadership and Management Academy have been established with today's institutional budgets in mind. A one-time application fee of $150 (to offset expenses for online portfolio maintenance) will be charged upon enrollment in the certificate program. Other costs include registration fees to the ACCP Spring and Fall Annual Meetings and the cost of publications identified as required reading.

Three-Month Grace Period: Required and elective programming completed three months before enrollment, will apply towards the certificate.

Questions? Visit the FAQs page or contact Jessie Culley or Kathy Ziller.