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ACCP Joins CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion
Signals Launch of Organization-Wide Efforts to Advance Diversity and Increase Inclusivity

June 12, 2020

On June 11, ACCP signed a pledge to advance diversity and inclusion across the organization. In becoming a signatory of CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, ACCP joins more than 900 companies, universities, and other organizations committed to establishing a diverse and inclusive culture that increases creativity and innovation, promotes higher-quality decisions, and enhances organizational growth.

In making this commitment, ACCP has pledged to:

  • Foster complex/difficult conversations about diversity and inclusion across the organization
  • Provide unconscious bias education for members, leadership, and staff
  • Develop a strategic inclusion and diversity plan
  • Disseminate best – and unsuccessful – practices toward achieving a more diverse and inclusive organization

This action follows the College’s June 1 release of an ACCP statement noting its commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion and its June 5 signing of a multi-organizational communication condemning racism and discrimination on behalf of the pharmacy profession. At its June 10 meeting, the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents reflected on ACCP’s core values, mission, and longstanding commitment to equality. In doing so, the committee called for swift and meaningful action to examine the current state of organizational diversity/inclusion and develop a strategic approach to fostering College-wide dialogue and action on this issue.

ACCP Executive Director Michael Maddux, serving as the organization’s CEO signatory, commented:

"ACCP’s goals align closely with those of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, and we are committed to building a productive, diverse, and inclusive organization. Projections indicate that by 2050, there will be no racial or ethnic majority in the United States. Therefore, taking action now to enhance diversity and inclusion is of paramount importance to ensuring organizational health. We recognize that diversity stimulates creativity and innovation, strengthens decision-making, and enhances organizational quality. Of course, like any critical organizational priority, advancing diversity and inclusion will require a thoughtful strategy, widespread dialogue, a purposeful focus, and sustained action. Therefore, this priority will undoubtedly be a major topic of discussion during next month’s Board of Regents meetings, and we anticipate that it will be an important component of the new ACCP strategic plan. Change begins at the leadership level – we hope to capitalize on the board’s individual and collective voices to advance diversity and inclusion across the organization. Of note, President-Elect Jimmi Hatton Kolpek has declared diversity, inclusion, and health equity as central underpinnings of her 2021 presidential theme."

It’s expected that ACCP will contribute to and learn from the actions of other organizations involved in CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion. Additional communications will be released as the College seeks to engage its members in addressing these critical societal issues.


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