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ACCP Report - January 2019

Pharmacotherapy: 38 Years in Print

In the summer of 1981, Dr. Russell R. Miller published the first issue of Pharmacotherapy. At the time, only three journals in the United States were devoted to the publication of original research on the effects of drugs in humans. These journals could not accommodate the rise in clinical research and reviews on drug therapy.1 Pharmacotherapy met a need.

When Miller, founding editor-in-chief, died in 1985, Dr. Richard T. Scheife became editor-in-chief. Scheife served as editor-in-chief for 27 years. Under his leadership, Pharmacotherapy increased from 6 to 12 issues per year, benefited from an expanded editorial board, and reached an impact factor of 2.9. Scheife worked with the Pharmacotherapy board of directors to transfer the ownership of Pharmacotherapy to ACCP in 1994 (it had become the first official journal of ACCP in 1988, even before its transfer to the College). Pharmacotherapy continues to meet the needs of ACCP members.

In 2013, Dr. C. Lindsay DeVane succeeded Scheife as Pharmacotherapy editor-in-chief. Under DeVane’s leadership, Pharmacotherapy recently reached its highest impact factor of 3.196.

After 38 years of print publications, December 2018 marked the last print issue of Pharmacotherapy. The decision to discontinue the print version was made after thorough research and contemplation. The Pharmacotherapy Publications, Inc. (PPI) board of directors considered that some readers will miss the feel of the journal in their hands. However, the allocation of resources allows the board of directors to meet the needs of ACCP members and other health care providers by efficiently disseminating pharmacotherapeutic scholarship.

In 2018, the board added the dissemination of clinical pharmacy practice scholarship to its mission by publishing a second official journal of ACCP, the Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (JACCP). ACCP members now receive full-text access to both journals as part of their membership benefits.

Pharmacotherapy, and now JACCP, will continue to operate in accordance with what Miller said in his opening editorial in 1981: “A journal is only as good as its readers judge it to be.”1 Any questions about either of ACCP’s official journals can be directed to the PPI Board of Directors through Dr. Keri Sims at

1. Miller RA. A new journal. Pharmacotherapy 1981;1:1-2.