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ACCP Report - February 2019

ACCP Joins Coalition to Stop Opioid Overdose

ACCP has joined the fight to stop opioid overdose by becoming a member of the Coalition to Stop Opioid Overdose (CSOO), as announced in a recent press release. Founded in 2016, CSOO brings together a diverse range of mental health, substance use disorder, and health care professional organizations united around common policy goals to reduce opioid overdose deaths. The coalition aims to elevate the national conversation around opioid overdose and works to enact meaningful and comprehensive policy change that supports prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

The coalition brings together leading mental health, substance use disorder, and health care professional orgainizations to exchange ideas and collaborate. CSOO engages with policy-makers by hosting congressional briefings to educate policy-makers on issues related to opioid overdose and by writing letters detailing its position on legislation and offering suggestions on ways to improve these laws. The CSOO membership includes more than 30 organizations dedicated to stopping opioid overdose, with the addition of ACCP as the leading voice in advocating team-based, patient-centered, and patient-engaged policies that improve medication-related care and manage overall health-system costs. In enthusiastic support of ACCP’s having joined the coalition, the chair of the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Legislative Advocacy Committee, Dr. Corey Waller, says:

We are thrilled to have the American College of Clinical Pharmacy as a new member of the Coalition to Stop Opioid Overdose. Effective medication management is a critical component to reducing opioid-related overdose deaths. We look forward to working with ACCP to increase medication optimization and expand access to high-quality patient care for all who need it.

For more information on CSOO’s advocacy, visit the coalition’s advocacy page here.


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