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ACCP Report - March 2018

Learn to Design, Conduct, and Publish Meta-Analyses

June 18-20, 2018

Are you seeking to increase your scholarly activity and explore the feasibility of adding meta-analyses to your list of current or future publications? ACCP has partnered with the Center for Health Outcomes & PharmacoEconomic Research at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy (the HOPE Center) to make the center's recognized hands-on training program in meta-analysis available to ACCP members at a significantly reduced registration rate.

By integrating in-depth instruction and action-oriented workshops, this program will teach participants to design protocols, perform effective searches for data sets, screen studies and extract data, and conduct and interpret meta-analysis and meta-regression. The 3-day curriculum is designed for professionals and trainees with entry to intermediate levels of prior knowledge in meta-analysis.

To further encourage members to publish meta-analyses pertinent to clinical pharmacy practice and research, in addition to reducing their registration rate, ACCP will competitively award up to three $500 scholarships on the basis of applicants' meta-analysis projects and commitment to present and submit their work for publication. These scholarships can be used for lodging, travel, meals, and any other expenses associated with attending the training program.

To view the detailed program agenda and registration information, click here.