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ACCP Report - April 2017

2017 ACCP Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts

Submit abstracts online at

Investigators in the field of clinical pharmacy and clinical pharmacology, ACCP members and nonmembers alike, are invited to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation at the 2017 ACCP Annual Meeting in Phoenix, October 7–10.

Abstracts may be submitted in one of the following categories:

Original Research: Abstracts must summarize quantitative or qualitative findings from completed research. Basic, clinical, translational, dissemination/implementation, and educational research are examples of acceptable research. Topics should appeal to a clinical pharmacy audience and may include research in drug metabolism, education/pedagogy, health services, medication safety, patient/population outcomes, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacology, or pharmacotherapy. Abstracts reporting in vitro or animal research are welcome. Original research findings presented elsewhere, but important to clinical pharmacy, are encouraged as “Encore” submissions.

Clinical Pharmacy Forum: Abstracts must describe the delivery of, justification or documentation for, and impact/significance of innovative clinical pharmacy services implemented. Abstracts that address components of the ACCP Standards of Practice for Clinical Pharmacists (see and/or describe efforts to develop, advance, or position clinical pharmacists to optimize patient care are encouraged. Abstracts may be descriptive and need not contain an evaluative component. “Encore” submissions are welcome.

Advances in International Clinical Pharmacy Practice, Education, or Training: Abstracts must describe the delivery of, justification or documentation for, and significance of clinical pharmacy practice, education, or training outside the United States. Abstracts may be descriptive and need not contain an evaluative component.

Systematic Reviews/Meta-analyses: Abstracts must describe a systematic review complying with the guidelines and definitions established by “Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses” (PRISMA; and must include the 12 items published in the PRISMA for Abstracts checklist (

Case Reports: Abstracts of case reports must update and expand therapeutic insights and possibilities or generate research hypotheses. Although narrative in nature, these abstracts must stress the “evidence” for the authors’ conclusions by describing the process followed to understand the findings and possible mechanisms involved in the patient’s case, detailing how the patient was evaluated and treated, and providing a specific description of the outcome.

Student, Resident, and Fellow Research-in-Progress: Submission guidelines are the same as for an “Original Research” abstract except that the research effort is ongoing at the time of abstract submission. The presenting author must be a student, resident, or fellow in training.

Submission Deadlines

The deadline to submit abstracts in all categories except “Research-in-Progress” is Thursday, June 15, 2017, midnight (PDT). The deadline to submit abstracts in the “Student, Resident, and Fellow Research-in-Progress” category is Saturday, July 15, 2017, midnight (PDT). Authors will be notified by e-mail of abstract acceptance by Tuesday, August 1, 2017. For more details about the call for abstracts, see For questions, please contact Shelly Enders, Pharm.D., ACCP Consultant Pharmacist, at (913) 492-3311, or