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ACCP Report - July 2016

President’s Column

Happy New Year!

Written by Terry L. Seaton, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS

Terry L. Seaton, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS

I know, you are likely wondering whether I have totally lost track of time, am incredibly early, or am miserably tardy. Rather, I am referring to a new year beginning on a different date—July 1. Many ACCP members readily recognize this as the beginning of a brand-new round of professional activities. I thought it would be appropriate to send well wishes to everyone who experiences this important changeover. So I say “Happy New Year” to all clinical pharmacists who are entering a new era in their life! Whether you are transitioning from student pharmacist to PGY1 resident, from PGY1 to PGY2 resident or fellow, or from resident to independent clinical practitioner (including new faculty member, preceptor, clinical coordinator, etc.), I sincerely hope that your upcoming year is your best year ever!

For some, it feels as though there wasn’t an adequate respite between the end of the last stretch and the start of the next. Within the past few weeks, you were graduating (congratulations, by the way) or feverishly laboring long hours to wrap up clinical rotations, residency projects, manuscript submissions, or perhaps even some late interviews. You celebrated with parties and banquets. You cleaned up your living spaces and moved—some even across the country—to new domiciles. Most of you sold and purchased major items. Finally, there may have been hugs and tears as you became separated from loved ones—friends and family (and maybe even pets). In what seems like a flash, June and the entire past year were over.

Any new beginning is accompanied by a complex amalgam of competing emotions—joy, loneliness, excitement, apprehension, exploration, and stress. New acquaintances and relationships awkwardly begin and require a tremendous amount of energy to cultivate. Multiple learning curves can be steep and occasionally overwhelming. Orientations range from mundane and monotonous to necessary and empowering. Nothing yet is “routine.” But by now, each day should be getting a little more predictable and comfortable.

Looking ahead, however, there is much to be done during the ensuing year. Without being perceptible on a day-to-day basis, the time will become an inevitable and unprecedented period of personal and professional growth. This year will be transformational. For that reason, you might want to begin journaling so that you will have permanent documentation of your daily successes, challenges, and reflections. Don’t take too much time—just a few minutes each day—and I’m confident that you will be rewarded with a fun and valued treasure to which you will likely refer later in life.

I also encourage you to embrace the never-ending opportunities to develop critical time-management skills. Regardless of your position during the coming year, you are going to assume many different roles and responsibilities. Despite having to multitask at a significant level in the past, the months ahead will likely be jam-packed with activities, deadlines, and deliverables. Ask for assistance early and often! Take advantage of the support system available to you. Everyone truly wants you to succeed. Planning ahead and keeping up will absolutely be beneficial in countless ways. Maintaining balance will be key to optimizing your quality of life during such a busy time.

Now is the best time to explore all of the ways that ACCP can serve your needs during the upcoming year. For new residents and fellows, consider accessing a mentor through ACCP—visit for more information. There are many ways to get involved in ACCP, so please check them out on our website. If at all possible, plan to attend the ACCP Annual Meeting in Hollywood, Florida, in late October. The programming at that meeting will be exceptional. Note also that ACCP has numerous volunteer activities available (see this year’s volunteer survey, which will remain open until July 21:

Well, I am certain that everyone is busy, so I will conclude this column and let you get back to more important work. I am also convinced that the next year will fly by at warp speed. Before you know it, the next July 1 will be upon us, and it will be time for another new and exciting live experience. Best wishes and have fun!