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ACCP Report - July 2018

CMM Study Team Releases Common Language Document

The CMM Effectiveness and Implementation Study Team has released The Patient Care Process for Delivering Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM): Optimizing Medication Use in Patient-Centered, Team-Based Care Settings.

The essential functions of the CMM patient care process and the steps necessary to make CMM operational must be articulated and defined in detail. Moreover, this “common language” must be established to ensure the service is delivered consistently and with fidelity. Having applied a rigorous methodology to develop a CMM common language document (CLD) for the patient care process, the CMM study team has now finalized the document for widespread dissemination.

The CLD is one of many resources being developed as a result of research funded by ACCP and the ACCP Research Institute. It is intended for use by clinical pharmacists to ensure that the CMM service is understood and valued as distinct from, but complementary to, the care delivered by the patient’s physician or other care provider. Having a CLD also allows the interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers and staff to understand the ways in which various members of the team contribute to a patient care process that optimizes medication use.

Although based upon research in primary care, the patient care process for delivering CMM is expected to be easily adapted to other settings (e.g., acute care, specialty practice, community-based pharmacy practice).

Click here to download and print your copy of the resource.