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ACCP Report - July 2019

About the Get the Medications Right (GTMRx) Institute. Achieving Medication Optimization Through CMM

The GTMRx Institute is a multi-stakeholder, nonprofit organization designed to catalyze change that improves patient outcomes and lowers health care costs through comprehensive medication management (CMM). The Institute was launched in April 2019 to ensure appropriate and personalized use of medications and other therapies by promoting a scientific, evidence-based, and cost-effective decision-making process as part of the team-based, systematic approach to medication use. The Institute is funded by a 3-year commitment from leading health care organizations. Members include physicians, pharmacists, health IT innovators, drug and diagnostics companies, consumer groups, employers, payers, and health systems.

The Institute sponsors and supports multi-stakeholder activities that encourage practice transformation, create pathways for disseminating evidence and innovations, and encourage payment and policy reform to accomplish the following:

  • Advance acceptance and recognition by providers and payers (including employers) of the importance of creating a systematic, evidence-based approach to medications and their rational use.
  • Engage physicians, clinical pharmacists, and other team members who share a complete commitment to medication optimization by providing tools, data, practice standards, and implementation resources to advance practitioners’ ability to ensure safe and effective medication use.
  • Educate and inform patients, legislators, Congress, health care regulators, and payers (including national health systems such as the VA) about the importance of medication optimization and its impact on quality and cost of care.

ACCP, a founding member, is represented on the Board of Directors by C. Edwin Webb, Pharm.D., MPH, FCCP. The Institute’s first major deliverable will be a “Blueprint for Change” that outlines specific steps in the practice, payment, and policy environments toward making CMM a core component of patient care. ACCP’s vision is that CMM will be recognized by all stakeholders as essential to achieving medication optimization.

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