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ACCP Report - August 2018

Carter Is Named 2018 Parker Medalist

Barry L. Carter, Pharm.D.

Barry L. Carter, Pharm.D., was chosen by the Parker Medal Selection Committee as the 2018 recipient of the College’s Paul F. Parker Medal for Distinguished Service to the Profession of Pharmacy. Carter is the Patrick E. Keefe Professor in Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy; and professor, Department of Family Medicine at the University of Iowa College of Medicine.

Paul Parker was one of clinical pharmacy’s most influential proponents. Before his death in 1998, Parker spent 24 years as director of pharmacy at the Chandler Medical Center/University of Kentucky in Lexington. His innovations include developing decentralized pharmacy services, placing pharmacists in the hospital’s clinical areas, and developing the nation’s first pharmacist-staffed drug information center. Parker’s vision for pharmacy practice was passed along to the more than 150 residents and fellows who trained in the Kentucky program during his tenure. These disciples include many of today’s leaders in clinical pharmacy who continue to pass along his wisdom and vision to their trainees and colleagues. The Paul F. Parker Medal recognizes an individual who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the profession that improve patient or service outcomes, create innovative practices, affect populations of patients, further the professional role of pharmacists, or expand the recognition of pharmacists as health professionals.

The Parker Medal Selection Committee selected Carter as the 2018 Medalist on the basis of his visionary leadership and his lifetime record of contributions that have furthered the professional role of pharmacists. The committee wrote the following in its report to the ACCP Board of Regents:

Dr. Carter has devoted most of his professional career to the treatment of hypertension, focusing initially on pharmacotherapy and later on physician-pharmacist collaborative care models. He served as the only pharmacist on the last four National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) committees that developed national hypertension guidelines (JNC 5, 6, 7, and 8). His research has been continuously supported by $30 million in NIH funding since 2003, which places him as the top grant recipient in the history of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy and in the top 10% of the entire University of Iowa Health Science Center and University of Iowa campus.

It is important to note that team-based care is a cornerstone of ACCP’s vision for the role of clinical pharmacists in direct patient care. Dr. Carter has been involved in the collaborative care of ambulatory patients for over 20 years. In 2007, he established the National Interdisciplinary Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network (NIPC-PBRN) committed to the study of interdisciplinary team-based care of chronic medical conditions, with an emphasis on the development of strategies to improve national guideline adherence.

Dr. Carter is also a visionary leader. In addition to his service on the last four NHLBI committees, he has served in numerous leadership positions at various universities and in professional organizations. He has served on technical expert panels for federal agencies (AHRQ, CMS, NIH, and NHLBI) and has led or coauthored 13 national committee reports from national governmental, scientific and professional organizations.

Carter’s supporters commented further on his accomplishments. In his letter of support, Paul James, M.D., chair of the University of Iowa Department of Family Medicine and co-chair of the JNC 8 panel on hypertension, described him as someone “who has had a much broader impact within the health care community”:

His research is recognized as the very best, not only in pharmacy practice, but [also] within the highly competitive research world of hypertension. He has represented the field of pharmacy with distinction among world-class experts in hypertension, and his opinion is highly valued and respected.

In his letter supporting the nomination, Joseph Saseen, University of Colorado professor of clinical pharmacy and family medicine, stated that “Dr. Carter is universally recognized as the preeminent pharmacist in the field of hypertension” and that “his involvement in the American Society of Hypertension has paved the way for other pharmacists to be recognized as essential members of interprofessional teams devoted to the clinical care of patients with hypertension.”

Finally, in his letter of nomination, past Parker Medalist Dennis Helling wrote,

Leaders distinguish themselves by their humility, loyalty, and commitment to excellence. These characteristics are embodied by Dr. Carter…. He has achieved immeasurable accolades and victories for clinical pharmacy…. His incredible drive and gentle, determined, positive attitude inspires us and unites our profession in patient care.

Carter has written more than 300 scientific publications and has received numerous awards, including the ACCP Therapeutic Frontiers Lecture, Russell R. Miller, Education, and Service awards; the Research Achievement Award in the Pharmaceutical Sciences from the American Pharmacists Association; and the Purkyne Medal of Czech Medicine, awarded during the 2013 Symposium of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy. He has been elected as a Fellow of ACCP, the American Heart Association, the American Society of Hypertension, and the American Pharmacists Association.

The 2018 Paul F. Parker Medal will be presented during the Awards Ceremony at the 2018 ACCP Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington, on Sunday morning, October 21. Carter will attend to accept the medal and deliver a brief acceptance address. The Parker Medal Selection Committee is composed of representatives from member organizations of the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners, together with past presidents of ACCP. Members of the 2018 selection committee were Gary Yee (chair), John Armitstead, Nicole Brandt, Kelly Goode, Curtis Haas, Judith Jacobi, Lynnae Mahaney, Jean Nappi, Peggy Piascik, and James Tisdale.