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ACCP College of Pharmacy Student Liaisons

ACCP College of Pharmacy Student Liaisons increase awareness of student opportunities within the college and the benefits of student membership at their College of Pharmacy. The student liaison is an important link between student membership at a College of Pharmacy and the association.

Student Liaison Responsibilities
Student liaisons are responsible for:
  • Collaborating with the faculty liaison to increase the awareness of ACCP benefits to students at their school or college of pharmacy and sharing information about the following programs and initiatives:
    • a. Leadership opportunities (e.g., serving as a member on the National Student Network Advisory Committee, as a student liaison to one of ACCP's Practice and Research Networks, or as a College of Pharmacy Student Liaison
    • b. ACCP Annual Meeting
    • c. Practice Research Networks
    • d. Student poster presentations
    • e. Annual Meeting Travel Awards
    • f. Emerge from the Crowd: How to Become a Standout Residency Candidate (program targeting P1-P3 students preparing for residencies)
    • g. On Demand CV Review Service
    • h. StuNews article contributions
    • i. Student Web site and “Clinical Compass”
  • Supporting the faculty liaison in coordinating and presenting information about the benefits of ACCP membership
  • Distributing a copies of the quarterly StuNews to campus ACCP members via e-mail or print
  • Generating interest on campus for the ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge and supporting efforts by the College of Pharmacy Faculty Liaison to conduct a local campus competition for students interested in representing their school in the ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge team competition.
Student Liaisons may promote clinical pharmacy through other events such as:
  • Coordinating career roundtable sessions for interested students with clinical pharmacists in different practice settings.
  • Inviting clinical pharmacy specialists to present to students on campus
  • Facilitating student meetings of ACCP student members

For more information on the on ACCP’s Faculty and Student Liaison program, contact Jon Poynter, Pharm.D., Membership Project Manager at