American College of Clinical Pharmacy
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ACCP College of Pharmacy Liaisons

ACCP college of pharmacy faculty liaisons and student liaisons are ACCP members who work actively with each other to educate student pharmacists about the field of clinical pharmacy and provide information about ACCP initiatives and student programs.

College of pharmacy student liaisons are selected by the faculty liaison at each institution. Any student member of ACCP in good standing is eligible to serve as a student liaison. ACCP college of pharmacy student liaisons increase awareness of student opportunities within the College and apprise other students of the benefits of student membership at their college of pharmacy. The student liaison is an important link between student membership at a college of pharmacy and the association.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Faculty Liaison Responsibilities

  • Selecting a student liaison to represent their institution and communicating this information to ACCP staff
  • Collaborating with the student liaison to increase awareness of ACCP amongst students, including...
  • Selecting a team of students to represent the chapter and/or institution in ACCP student competitions by coordinating a local competition
  • For schools with student chapters
    • Serving as the chapter advisor for schools with student chapters and overseeing the coordination of chapter activities with student officers
    • Overseeing the chapter's annual report and award applications submission process

Student Liaison Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with the faculty laiison to assist in enhancing ACCP visibility among peers by promoting...
  • Support in team selection for student competitions
    • Assist the faculty liaison in sharing information about and organizing and local competitions
  • For school with student chapters
    • Act as an assistant to the faculty liaison, facilitating effective communication and collaboration with student chapter officers to ensure the smooth execution of chapter activities
    • Assisting in reporting and award applications by helping to gather data, compile information for annual chapter reports, and prepare submissions for chapter award applications to ensure compliance and timely submission