American College of Clinical Pharmacy
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Benefits of Membership

Professional Development

ACCP is the leader in clinical pharmacy career related resources. The Student Clinical Compass provides resources to students in all phases of their academic career to navigate the world of clinical pharmacy.

ACCP’s Emerge from the Crowd provides tools for students to be standout residency candidates. Take advantage of our Online CV Review Service and Interviewing Tips. Access the latest information on available residency, fellowship, post-graduate positions, and board certification.

Practice and Research Networks

The Practice and Research Networks (PRNs) are a unique offering from ACCP that allows its members to interact via email list messages. This permits for the exchange of timely information to improve both patient care and practice in specialty areas of pharmacy. Specifically for student members, PRNs present the opportunity to gain perspective on major areas of professional interests. PRNs are also an excellent way for student members to network with practitioners and contribute to an area of interest through the various PRN-specific committees. Upon becoming a member of ACCP, students are eligible to join one PRN free of charge.

Research Opportunities

ACCP realizes the importance of furthering clinical pharmacy research as part of its core mission. Through ACCP, there are several research opportunities made available for students. These opportunities include mentorship, grant funding, and access to original research on all aspects of clinical pharmacy through a free subscription to Pharmacotherapy: The Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy for all members.

Leadership Opportunities

ACCP realizes the importance of leadership development as part of the pharmacy student’s experience. Through ACCP, there are many opportunities to further develop and practice your leadership skills. Getting involved in local positions within your school’s ACCP Student Chapter is highly encouraged, maybe even as your chapter’s ACCP Student Liaison. Also, the National Student Network Advisory Committee is a great way to serve the student members of ACCP at the national level.