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ACCP Clinical Research Challenge: A New Opportunity for Excellence

Clinical Research Challenge

ACCP is pleased to announce the return of the Clinical Research Challenge (CRC). This novel competition is targeted towards pharmacy students in their first two years of their first professional pharmacy degree program (P1 and P2 students for 4 year programs; P1 and P2 students for 3 year accelerated programs and the first two professional years of 0-6 or 0-7 year programs). Critically evaluating and applying primary literature is an essential skill for clinical pharmacists. Research and scholarship contributes to improved health outcomes for patients and advancements in the profession of clinical pharmacy. This innovative and unique competition offers teams of three pharmacy students to participate in an online journal club, and the opportunity to submit a letter of intent and a clinical research proposal. Plan now to participate in 2024.

ACCP Clinical Research Challenge 2024

Assigned Journal Club Literature: Gupta A, Montepiedra G, Aaron L, et al. Isoniazid preventive therapy in HIV-infected pregnant and postpartum women. N Engl J Med 2019; 381:1333-46. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1813060. The APPRISE Study Group. Available at

AND the Supplementary Appendix and Protocol

Competition Overview

The ACCP Clinical Research Challenge is a team-based competition. Teams of three students will compete against teams from other schools and colleges of pharmacy nationwide in an online format. All eligible teams will have the opportunity to compete in Round 1: Online Journal Club. Teams achieving the top 40 scores after Round 1 will advance to Round 2: Letter of Intent Submission. In the event of any ties, the top 40 scores will be determined by the time required to complete the online journal club exam. All examinations will be time stamped. Time spent viewing instructional pages will NOT count toward your total examination time. The teams advancing to Round 2 will be given a clinically focused research question and have 2 ½ weeks to develop and submit a Letter of Intent online following the criteria outlined here.

Teams achieving the top 20 scores after the LOI round will be advanced to Round 3: Research Protocol design and invited to submit a complete research proposal. Teams will be notified regarding their status to participate in Round 3 via email by March 25, 2024. Proposals are due at 11:59 PM CST April 19, 2024. For more information click here.

Only one team per institution may enter the competition. Institutions with branch campuses, distance satellites, or more than one interested team are encouraged to conduct a local competition.

The teams with the top three research proposal submissions are requested to present their research design during a poster session at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, each member of said teams will receive a complimentary Annual Meeting student meeting registration and a cash prize. Click here for additional prize information.

Students are not required to be members of ACCP to participate. Team registration should be submitted online and must be initiated by a current faculty member at the respective institution. Students interested in forming a team should contact their ACCP faculty liaison. If no ACCP faculty liaison has been identified, another faculty member from the institution may initiate the registration process. The registering faculty member must confirm the eligibility of all team members online before a team will be permitted to compete in the Clinical Research Challenge. The deadline to complete team registration and confirm eligibility is February 7, 2024.

Competition Schedule

November 13, 2023 Local Journal Club Competition Exam Released
November 2023-February 2024 Local Competitions Held at Individual Institutions
February 7, 2024 Team Registration Deadline
February 9, 2024 Article Title of Round 1: Online Journal Club Released
February 12, 2024 Round 1: Online Journal Club Competition (Exam portal open 7AM – 11:59 PM Eastern time)
February 14, 2024 Top 40 Teams advance to Round 2: Letter of Intent(LOI) announced and given access to LOI Development Portal
March 1, 2024 LOI Submission Due. Deadline (11:59 PM CST) for eligible teams to post documents to LOI Development Portal
March 4-22, 2024 Review of LOI Proposals by CRC Research Protocol Committee
March 25, 2024 Top 20 Teams advance to Round 3: Research Protocol Development (RPD) announced and given access to RPD portal
March 25-April 19, 2024 Top 20 teams draft full research proposals
April 19, 2024 Deadline for Proposal Submissions 11:59 PM CST
April 22-June 7, 2024 Review of CRC Proposals by Research Protocol Review Committee and Competition Oversight Panel
June 12, 2024 Winners Announced

For more information on the ACCP Clinical Research Challenge, please click on the links below:

Sample Journal Club Questions | Sample Answers

For additional Information or questions, please contact Michelle L. Kucera, Pharm.D., BCPS at [email protected].