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Primer of Biostatistics, Seventh Edition

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The Primer of Biostatistics is a concise, engagingly written introduction to understanding statistics as they apply to medicine and the life sciences. It demystifies this challenging topic in an interesting and enjoyable manner that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. You will be able to understand test selection and be able to evaluate biomedical statistics critically, knowledgeably, and confidently.

Primer of Biostatistics starts with the basics, including analysis of variance and the t test, then advances to multiple comparison testing, contingency tables, regression, and more. Illustrative examples and challenging problems, culled from the recent biomedical literature, highlight the discussions throughout and help to foster a more intuitive approach to biostatistics.

The companion CD-ROM contains everything you need to run thirty statistical tests of your own data. Review questions and summaries in each chapter facilitate the learning process and help you gauge your comprehension.

Coverage includes:

  • How to summarize data
  • How to test for differences between groups
  • The t test
  • How to analyze rates and proportions
  • What does “not significant” really mean?
  • Confidence intervals
  • How to test for trends
  • Experiments when each subject receives more than one treatment
  • Alternatives to analysis of variance and the t test based on ranks
  • How to analyze survival data

Table of Contents
1. Biostatistics and Clinical Practice
2. How to Summarize Data
3. How to Test for Differences between Groups
4. The Special Case of Two Groups: The t test
5. How to Analyze Rates and Proportions
6. What Does “Not Significant” Really Mean?
7. Confidence Intervals
8. How to Test for Trends
9. Experiments When Each Subject Receives More Than One Treatment
10. Alternatives to Analysis of Variance and the t test Based on Ranks
11. How to Analyze Survival Data
12. What Do the Data Really Show?
Appendix A: Computational Forms
Appendix B: Statistical Tables and Power Charts
Appendix C: Answers to Exercises

Author(s): Stanton A. Glantz, Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-0-07-178150-3
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Softcover
320 pages